Sheffield Street
Tree Partnership

Sheffield Street Tree Partnership was established in 2019. Our goal and purpose is to promote and enhance Sheffield’s street trees. 

Our Vision

The Partnership’s vision is for a network of street trees that Sheffield can be proud of: well-maintained and cared for; resistant to the threats of disease and climate change; and delivering many benefits for people and our environment. 

The Strategy

The Sheffield Street Tree Partnership Strategy identifies six outcomes that explain the impact that the activity of the Partnership seeks to deliver.  

Caring for Street Trees

We want people of all ages, across all of our communities, to get involved in caring for and valuing street trees. This will help to improve our shared understanding and raise awareness of the benefits and challenges that come from managing street trees.

Get Involved

Some of the ways you can help to support Sheffield’s street trees

Discover & Learn

Learn more about the work we’re doing to champion our city’s trees