Change to consultations for condition based tree removal

Following consultation with the Sheffield Street Tree Partnership (SSTP), a change to the consultation process for dangerous, diseased, or dead trees has been agreed. The change aligns with new guidance published as part of the Environment act. The below statement from Streets Ahead (Amey Ltd and Sheffield City Council) sets out the change and you can find more information on the Sheffield Council website.

Statement from Streets Ahead

Amey Ltd routinely inspects street trees in Sheffield to ensure public safety. Recent storm events and diseases such as Ash Dieback have heightened the need for a more expedited approach in addressing dangerous, diseased, or dead trees that pose an imminent risk to safety.

Currently, any tree found to be dangerous, diseased, or dead to the extent that it may pose a safety risk to the public is currently subject to a 3-week public consultation process. This process was introduced in 2020 as part of the process of rebuilding trust with citizens of Sheffield.

In consultation with the Sheffield Street Tree Partnership (SSTP), it has been agreed that a new approach is necessary to swiftly remove trees in urgent situations while maintaining the ability for the public to comment if they wish.

This brings the consultation process in Sheffield in line with the recently published guidance as part of the Environment Act 2021 (UK Public General Acts, c.30, PART 6, Tree Felling & Planting, Section 115 (b) (c), 2021) which exempts trees which are ‘considered to be dangerous’, diseased as specified ‘under the Plant Health Act 1967’ or ‘dead’, subject to photographic evidence being provided.

The SSTP will be notified promptly of each street tree identified for removal due to safety concerns, and the tree will be visibly marked with a notice at least 7 days prior to removal.

Ensuring public safety is our top priority. Notices will be placed on trees scheduled for removal, providing residents with a clear timeline and the opportunity to voice their opinions.

All feedback received from residents will be considered by Sheffield City Council and the SSTP will be informed prior to any final decision being made.

Each tree removed will continue to be replaced by Streets Ahead. Any trees that Streets Ahead recommends for felling due to damage to infrastructure, or for reasons other than dangerous, diseased, or dead, will continue to be subject to the existing 3-week consultation process.